You only get one body.  What are you going to do with it?  Our daily lives are composed of habits or rituals {whether we realize it or not} and those create the rhythm of our lives.  It is this pulse that supplies us with how we encounter each day.  Do you have habits that are high energy, induce stress, feel like you are always running to stand still?  Or is your daily routine something that brings you peace and a feeling of being grounded?  Lets dig deep into how to create a wellness life by creating simple changes to support our bodies and minds.

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take control of



Are you ready to to be the CEO of your families wellness?

My goal is to assist in creating healthier homes one household at a time by giving practical and simple ways to implement integrative wellness practices including:


*Essential Oils 


*Diet and Detoxification 




I want to help you to create your best

life through wellness!


About Me

Wisdom, Insight & Perspective.  Amy is a wealth of information.  She has a great ability to retain information and explain those same things to others in a way that is easy to understand.

~Tiffany B.





We are using the oil (lavender) during the storms and it seems to alleviate his symptoms. We got the coconut oil to mix it with, a little bit goes a long way! He(our dog, Toby) just turned 13 so we have to spoil him in his senior years. 

~Campsie & Gary G.

The Naturally You Blog is a place to find tools for our daily wellness.  The posts will be educational and provide a wide array of information for introducing and sustaining a healthy lifestyle for mind, body & home...in other words Naturally You.