This is Amazing!! Major Health Insurance Approve doTERRA Essential Oils in Wellness Plans!

🛑Stop, READ THIS!! 👇👇

Insurance Companies are Recognizing dōTERRA Essential Oils!

Woot Woot!!! More lives are about to change! 🤗 The bridge has arrived. 🙌

Health Insurance is expensive. True Story!!!! Expensive for employers, employees, heck for everyone! People put off their retirement because they can’t afford healthcare! Did you know ..... It’s cheaper to be healthy than it is to be sick!!!!

Friends, dōTERRA is changing lives! 🎉 .  I mean SERIOUSLY changing them!!!!!! They are currently working on ways to change healthcare 💊💉🧫🦠as we know it today. They are opening clinics 🏥around the country. They are bridging the gaps. They want our healthcare to be affordable and within our own control.  But this Healthcare Initiative isn’t what I was talking about. It’s time to sound the trumpets📣, Health Insurance Companies are starting to realize that dōTERRA is helping overall Wellness for people.....

Blue Cross Blue Shield is the 1st company that I’ve seen to approve dōTERRA Essential Oils on their Wellness plans. 👏🙌.
Did you notice they didn’t say Essential Oils❓They didn’t because Essential Oils are not all created equally❗️ You all need dōTERRA Essential Oils, because they are the most tested, most trusted Essential Oil Company on the market. Young Living isn’t on this list. #thatsrightisaidit
Insurance companies are approving these products because they actually work! It’s not a fad! When you use dōTERRA Essential Oils properly, they will change your life.

🥂Cheers to the new normal! This is the future of healthcare. 💡 Preventative Healthcare that works!!!! We are headed for another huge wave of growth. Seriously, every home needs these products.

Don’t wait, join us! Use these products for your family. Need more info, please let me know.
20% off the Healthy Habits Enrollment Kit. (This is just one of our enrollment kits, others available too). Click this link to join me on this health journey.

Are you ready to join my team and share oils with others? We have a huge growth ahead of us with our healthcare initiative. Prime Meridian is opening in Chicago soon... more around the country as well. Plus, now that insurance companies are seeing the results, things are really going to start moving!!

Thanks to Kristy Breitcroft for the great info!

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