• Amy Ray

3 Ways to Create Sacred Spaces

Did you know that practicing spiritual fitness (not necessarily religion based, though for many is) and it actually heals your brain?  How cool is that!?  Science says that spiritual people are more likely to have happier brains, have healthier bodies, live longer and heal faster.  "When you grow the 'spiritual center' of your brain, you lower anxiety and depression, enhance social awareness and empathy, and think more clearly". [DrSearsWellness.org] Creating a sacred routine, whatever that works for your life and belief system changes your brain.  It effects the thalamus, a nut shaped area in the center of your brain located just above the hypothalamus, which is the brains super highway of emotion.  One way to get all those feel good hormones to release, it to create this special downtime, that is just for you.  

How can you do this? Here are 3 tips that are a great place to start!

1.   Create a space that has special meaning to you in your home.  My space is located on top of a bookcase.  It has an antique mortar and pestle that I got  from my grandparents, some stones and metals with meaningful words engraved on them, a worry bird, some sage and a candle.  You can create your own space with anything that holds meaning for you. 

2.  Check out this Mind Body Green article on effective ways to create a space that allows you best to create moments of meaning.

3.  Music is an instrumental part (pun intended) of many peoples healing process.  According to Psychology Today music therapy not only eases anxiety and depression, it also helps with bridging social divides.

     This is one of my favorites:

A sacred space doesn't necessarily have to be something as tangible as mine is, maybe you find your solace in baking or knitting.  Do you have a special place in your house where you can go to read, be mindful, listen to music or practice yoga?  

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